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I believe yoga truly has the power to transform lives. While the Western world has adapted yoga as more of a physical practice, I strive to create a practice that involves and engages more: one interweaving the heart, the mind, the soul, and the body.

Moving from a mostly physical practice, I now find myself acutely interested in slowing down, taking note of the subtleties and micro ways we can tune into our bodies and their innate wisdom.

Most of my classes are curated by integrating all of my personal favorite parts of the practice: beginning with a drawing inward of mind-soul-body, connecting with our breath, discovering our intention for practice, deliberate flow, and layering in additional healing modalities like music, essential oils, or props.

public classes

Reiki + restorative | Monday @ The Assembly

Combining two of my favorite healing modalities, I offer weekly Reiki + Restorative classes to the public. Focusing our intention towards healing ourselves, we work specifically on drawing the nervous system into relaxation, utilizing props to support its release. With the body given permission to relax, the energetic work of reiki begins to unfurl any tension, discomfort, or anxieties accumulated in the energetic system.

Aromatherapy | Sun, tHU, Fri @ Yoga Garden SF

In Aromatherapy Vinyasa, we begin class by taking time to cultivate our breath or pranayama, by simply noticing how we’re feeling and how we’re arriving into our practice. We then move slowly and with intention, feeling that breath as we flow through the physical practice or asana. Each breath is an opportunity to release tension, relieve stress, and allow our bodies to unwind and remember what it’s like to tune into our intuition and not the should, would, or could. Some classes are energetic, other classes are much more restorative.

In addition to utilizing pranayama and asana, I layer in this additional layer of aromatherapy: highlighting some of my favorite scents to trigger the nervous system to loosen up.

Yin | thu @ Yoga Garden SF

The sister practice to Restorative yoga, Yin yoga is concerned with restoring the body by utilizing the practice of rest. While Restorative is focused around physical postures utilizing props to help the physical body release, Yin is directed more towards the curiosity of following sensation in the body as it deepens in postures (just like Vinyasa) - with or without props.

Similar to my Aromatherapy Vinyasa classes, you can expect a good amount of pranayama or breath work to begin class; it helps center the physical body and sharpen the mind. I then lead the class through a max of 4-5 postures, to help our minds-bodies-souls to unwind and surrender.

Often times, I will also add the offering of Reiki to our final resting pose to help promote further release.

private or corporate classes

available upon request | free phone consultation

While public classes are fantastic for those who are motivated by community and feeling the energy of those around them, sometimes we are called to work on a personal journey of wellness in the comfort of our own homes for ourselves or as an offering or benefit for our teams.

The same teachings I bring to my classes of reconnecting to the tools within ourselves to help unwind and de-stress, but hone them in to tailor it to your practice.

You and your needs are unique. I offer a complimentary 30 minute consultation over the phone to learn more about your goals so I can offer up a customized plan we can work through together to help you achieve whatever it is you’re looking for.

Both private instruction and corporate classes are available at-home or in-office within San Francisco. Liz has previously taught classes at Okta, Twitter, SB Architects, and maru/matchbox.