liz andolong

feedback about my work



“Liz beautifully commands and holds space during her class. Her instruction is clear and fluid, allowing for a deeply introspective yogic experience. With simple, yet wildly creative and challenging sequences, she encourages kind and playful movement. Her passion for pranayama and aromatherapy truly makes her class transformative, leaving me inspired and filled with a greater awareness and appreciation of breath.”

/  Molly d.  /


“Liz is an awesome teacher - clear direction and uplifting spirit make for a great, refreshing flow.”

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“Loved Liz’s class. Excellent combo of energetic flows and calming meditative moments. Left with a full heart (and a stretchier body haha).”

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“What I love most about Liz’s class is how YOGA it feels. It’s a time when I know I can get my meditation and body scan meditation in. Her sequences provide a flow that honors the breathe, slow movement, and stillness. The pace is just right for me and I love the music!! Your vibes guiding us feels healing and thoughtful. It’s a safe space to dive deeper.”

/  Jennifer C.  /


“Liz is just the best instructor. Highly recommend for a relaxing and invigorating practice.”

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“Liz's encouraging practice left my body and mind feeling awakened, grounded and rejuvenated!”

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“I started taking class out of curiosity and support for you - knowing the presence you have as a person and how it would extend into your teachings. That energy, the calm after a stressful week, being able to decompress, and be directed to re-shift my focus to the positives is why I returned. Liz talks us through our burdens, the chaos of the outside world, and how to leave that outside for an hour. Addressing that is such an important remind to me, and not every instructor trains us to balance these things mentally. I love the aromatherapy; it’s something relatively new and incredibly centering.”

/  Debbie K.  /


GREAT workout and flow! Liz give clear, motivating instructions and is intuitive and observant. Thank you for leading us through wrist stretches, as I was clearly struggling w that at the beginning of class!!

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“Liz’s classes have the perfect balance of spirituality - connecting inward, grounding one’s self, meditative breathing, and reflection. She creates a safe space that is a no judgment zone: accepting and connecting with your body at the state it’s in at the moment, without judgment. I really appreciate how she connects themes to our practice and our outside experiences. I love that the class is a little slower and focused on breathing. There are times I’ve attended classes that are so fast, I’m not hitting the correct alignment because I’m trying to keep up. I appreciate how Liz talks through the alignment, demonstrates poses, and provides hands-on adjustments that have really helped improve my practice. With her relaxing, gentle voice, Liz makes the yoga class feel like a community - she has us introduce ourselves to one another, invites us to Friday brunches. It’s a super personalized experience and Liz really makes an effort to introduce herself and get to know her students. I leave the class feeling empowered, more connected with the universe (and ready to take on the day).”

/  Danielle S.  /


“Liz is fantastic! I appreciate how she checked in with each student before class began. This class was a perfect start to my week.”

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“Liz is awesome. Always love the pacing of her classes and how welcoming she is to everyone who comes in to practice.”

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“I love going to Liz’s aromatherapy flow classes because she creates such a safe, nurturing, peaceful space. You can tell immediately that she really cares about her students and loves what she does. I appreciate the slower pace of her aromatherapy flow class as it gives me the chance to really focus on my breath and turn inward to notice where I’m at. She also creates a great sense of community among her students, encouraging us to introduce ourselves to our neighbor, and inviting us to join her for after-class brunches. I always leave feeling so grounded and calm.”

/  Becky M.  /