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I find in this day and age, we are relentlessly running to and from, always filling our days and moments without rest.
It causes us to live in a persistent state of being “on guard.”

In all of my offerings, I am most curious in how we can cultivate spaciousness within ourselves
to reconnect with the innate wisdom of the mind • body • spirit connection.

I want to create spaces where we can shift ourselves out of the sympathetic nervous system (fight/flight/freeze)
to the parasympathetic nervous system (restore/rest/digest).

I believe that we have the tools within ourselves to help soothe the places within us that can only be filled by ourselves.


Aromatherapy Vinyasa

WEEKLY classes AT yoga garden

In Aromatherapy Vinyasa, we begin class by taking time to cultivate our breath or pranayama, by simply noticing how we’re feeling and how we’re arriving into our practice. We then move slowly and with intention, feeling that breath as we flow through the physical practice or asana. Each breath is an opportunity to release tension, relieve stress, and allow our bodies to unwind and remember what it’s like to tune into our intuition and not the should, would, or could. Some classes are energetic, other classes are much more restorative.

In addition to utilizing pranayama and asana, I layer in this additional layer of aromatherapy: highlighting some of my favorite scents to trigger the nervous system to loosen up.



WEEKLY classes at yoga garden

The sister practice to Restorative yoga, Yin yoga is concerned with restoring the body by utilizing the practice of rest. While Restorative is focused around physical postures utilizing props to help the physical body release, Yin is directed more towards the curiosity of following sensation in the body as it deepens in postures (just like Vinyasa) - with or without props.

Similar to my Aromatherapy Vinyasa classes, you can expect a good amount of pranayama or breath work to begin class; it helps center the physical body and sharpen the mind. I then lead the class through a max of 4-5 postures, to help our minds-bodies-souls to unwind and surrender.

Often times, I will also add the offering of Reiki to our final resting pose to help promote further release.


Reiki Privates at Anchor meditation
Reiki + Restorative at The Assembly

Reiki is the gentle, loving practice of energy healing or energy therapy. Utilizing hands-on healing to channel universal life force energy, the focus is on aiding the reiki receiver to encourage emotional, physical, and spiritual healing.

I utilize my intuition to intuit where to place my hands (on, around, or over your body) to help direct universal life force energy to mobilize, shift, or draw healing into energy centers on your body. How one experiences reiki can differ. Some can feel sensations of heat, physical release; some can also feel nothing. But what most people can agree on is following a reiki session, you’ll experience a sense of relaxation that is similar to a physical massage. In the session, we’ll work together to uncover how we can begin to allow your energy to flow, where it may be stuck or stagnant.

I offer both private reiki sessions, as well as public Reiki + Restorative pop ups at The Assembly, which are $40 for non-members, $35 for members.

Feel free to reach out via my contact page for private sessions. Reiki + Restorative pop ups can be signed up via The Assembly’s website.


Private and Corporate Yoga Classes

weekly corporate classes taught

While public classes are fantastic for those who are motivated by community and feeling the energy of those around them, sometimes we are called to work on a personal journey of wellness for ourselves or our teams.

I am also available for both private yoga classes and corporate yoga classes. I take the same teachings I bring to my classes at Yoga Garden and The Assembly of reconnecting to the tools within ourselves to help unwind and de-stress, but hone them in to tailor it to your practice.

You and your needs are unique. I offer a complimentary 30 minute consultation over the phone to learn more about your goals so I can offer up a customized plan we can work through together to help you achieve whatever it is you’re looking for.

Both private instruction and corporate classes are available at-home or in-office within San Francisco.


Mindful Hike +
Guided Meditation

Free MOnthly Hikes AT The Assembly

Nature and community: two incredibly important things to me.

To give back, I offer free monthly Mindful Hikes + Guided Meditations to Corona Heights to give us the opportunity to be surrounded by nature, and also reconnect with ourselves.

Each month, we meet at The Assembly (location in link). We ground together to center ourselves, still our minds, and continue on a silent hike up to Corona Heights. Once there, we take in the sights of San Francisco. If you’ve never been to Corona Heights, it’s pretty much smack-dab in the center of the city. After a few moments of soaking it in, we huddle up once more to begin a meditation and guided journaling.

For more information to sign up, please feel free to click through the first link. The hikes are free for non-members, and a wonderful opportunity to check out The Assembly: a ladies’ clubhouse centered around wellness, community, and supporting entrepreneurship.

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