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an overview: what i offer


why do i do what i do?

In my own journey towards healing, I’ve always been a seeker; curious to know what would make me feel my most optimal self, what would help bring me to more harmonization and balance within my own body. What I’ve found is a culmination and combination of modalities to help others feel safe and at home in their bodies. Once begin to re-align the body, the mind is able to come back into alignment, and our spirits are able to truly rest. As we work to reconnect those parts of ourselves - body • soul • mind - we’re able to holistically tap into our potential, drawing more clarity into our life’s purpose, gifts, and to also create more space to share these gems with our community and world. Once we are able to show up as our best selves, it’s impossible to not notice the shifts as our external world begin to mirror our higher vibrations. Just as a domino effect, as we make those shifts, we begin to call in more abundance and our best life begins to unfold.

what do i do?

transformational Flow

Yoga is, and will always be, the first gateway through which I began to reclaim myself: body • soul • mind. It’s an incredible tool to help regain mastery and begin encouraging ourselves to come back home and dive inwardly. With my classes, I teach multiple styles: restorative yoga, yin yoga, aromatherapy yoga, restorative yoga + reiki. Most of my offerings are structured similarly, where I am most keen on keeping our bodies out of the sympathetic nervous system - the fight, freeze, or flight response, which we are most susceptible to consistently live within. Instead, I prefer to keep our bodies in the parasympathetic nervous system, reconnecting it to it’s natural state of rest, digest, and zen. All classes begin with and end with breath. Breath is our life force energy. It’s our compass. Our breath tells us where we’re holding onto tension, where we’re sitting with dis-ease. We layer in intentional movement, noticing what we need more of or less of in our lives. Because our bodies naturally crave movement, I find that once the breath and physical flow are connected, our minds and spirits follow. Each class is an opportunity to re-learn how to release and unwind, to empty out our cups, and to hold more space with and for ourselves. Click through to find more information on where I teach publicly and privately.

Guided meditation + Journaling

Journaling has always been the longest relationship I’ve had - even longer than yoga, if you can believe. It’s served me as a way to process my thoughts: unwanted and wanted, emotions, and helped me capture my most cherished milestones and learn from the deepest, challenging valleys. As I’ve grown, I’ve noticed that journaling creates a portal through which we’re able to truly access our subconscious, filter our conscious, and touch into a wisdom that’s latent in each and every one of us. Coupling that with nature, we feel a sense of security that we’re held in this invisible and indivisible connection to all others around us. Adding on meditation, we can utilize this tool to bring together more mindfulness, more detachment to things weighing us down. Often times it’s a simple solution when we’re feeling disconnected or purposeless. Click through to find more information on when my next guided hike + meditation is scheduled.

REIKI + Energetic Clearing

My most recent love: reiki, and my most recent addition to my toolbelt. A way to incorporate the physical release with the subtle body release, reiki has shown me so many more pathways through which the psycho-somatic connection is real and supported by the energetic and subtle bodies. In this practice, I’m able to bring everyone’s favorite yoga pose (savasana) into my work as an intuitive, energetic reader. We work together to discover which ways your energy is stagnant, blocked, or abundant. Reiki holds the power to draw healing energy through your body to realign you, working on you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to realign itself. It’s the pure energy of the universe, holding space for you, as you hold space for yourself. It’s one of my favorite ways to assist you along your journey. This energetic work can work long-distance or in-person. We can also energetically clear spaces (homes, office spaces, etc.). Click through to learn a bit more about reiki and what the heck it’s all about.

Intuitive Coaching

Sometimes, we need a little bit of a nudge on our path. Sometimes, we need someone with wide arms, an open heart, two ears to listen, to help us make sure we’re not completely out of touch. I’m proud and honored to offer intuitive coaching as a way to help illuminate and walk alongside you on your journey. With my other offerings, I have been fortunate to give slivers of the intuitive coaching that have resonated with you. Different than therapy, my offering of intuitive coaching is the true work of restoring your connection with your greatest teacher: yourself. Depending on what’s needed, we can work through a myriad of different modalities (including, but not limited to): breathwork, yoga, reiki, journaling, meditation, affirmations, budget and financial work, energetic clearing/restoration/re-balancing, and more. Click through to schedule a free 30m consultation to see if intuitive coaching would be a great partnership and fit for us.


In this day and age, there are more people affected by burn out, disease, depression, anxiety, chronic illnesses, and insomnia (to name a few) than ever before. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that collective consciousness is also rising: how do I work to heal myself? As someone who has previously suffered, I understand that plight. We are calling for more ways to rest, to recharge, and to re-set. Sometimes, you know you need something longer than an hour-long yoga class or a 2H reiki session. Why not schedule a vacation - and a true vacation at that?

I’ve heard you loud + clear and it’s time to announce that I’m creating a schedule for 2020 to host my first set of retreats to offer my transformational yoga classes, private reiki sessions, and the healing power of nature locally and internationally. I plan on teaming up with incredible colleagues to create a luxury experience that is affordable, jam-packing these retreats with opportunities to unplug, to reconnect with yourself, and come back ready to re-integrate into your world. Click through to learn more about my upcoming retreat in 2019 and what I hope to offer in 2020.