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what the heck is reiki?

Reiki is the gentle, loving practice of energy healing or energy therapy. Utilizing hands-on healing to channel universal life force energy, the focus is on aiding the reiki receiver to become a more balanced being: encouraging emotional, physical, and spiritual healing. It is an ancient practice beginning in Japan in the early 1800s, developed by Mikao Usui. Scientifically, a low-grade frequency (reiki/universal life force energy/chi) is emitted from my hands, which can help reduce pain/injury, accelerate healing, induce relaxation, balance the subtle energetic body, and is the perfect complement to other healing modalities.

what happens during a session?

During a session, you will lay fully clothed on a massage table, covered in a blanket (if you choose), listening to soothing music. I utilize my intuition to intuit where to place my hands (on, around, or over your body) to help direct universal life force energy to mobilize, shift, or draw healing into energy centers on your body. How one experiences reiki can differ. Some can feel sensations of heat, physical release; some can also feel nothing. But what most people can agree on is following a reiki session, you’ll experience a sense of relaxation that is similar to a physical massage (think soul massage). In the session, we’ll work together to uncover how we can begin to allow your energy to flow, where it may be stuck or stagnant.

why reiki?

I came to reiki at a time where I found I needed more profound tools than simply yoga to help promote overall wellness. It’s helped me balance out depleted energy, chronic migraines, stomach issues, anxiety, insomnia, depression, and so much more. While I don’t claim to heal any/all of these things, Reiki has the power to help promote more alignment with receivers as it helps move energy that is stagnant, weakened, overactive, or muted.

reiki sessions

private realignment sessions | available In-Person, remotely, @ The Assembly, @ Anchor Meditation
Free phone consultation

Reiki sessions are available in varying lengths of time, location, and pricing. I offer free 30 minute consultations so we can connect to find what offering would best suit your needs. Feel free to reach out via my contact page for more information on private sessions.

house clearing sessions | available In-Person
Free phone consultation

Reiki can also be offered and helped with welcoming in a new space, clearing an old one, or simply helping energetically clear a current space. Happy to help you settle into your space with full confidence. Please inquire via my contact page for more information.