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spiritual retreat to india 2019


I’m so excited to announce my very first retreat this year, alongside an old friend and incredible medium, in India.

why a spiritual retreat?

I’ve always dreamt of creating a retreat that would be life-changing, allowing attendees an opportunity detach from their current lives, recharge, and reconnect to their true authentic selves.

As it goes, I felt fortunate as an old friend, Fleur, annually leads a retreat to India - to the birthplace of yoga, in fact! Thankful to be able to partner up with her as we’ll be leading an intimate group together into intuitive classes, as well as yin yoga + reiki classes, while soaking in the sights of India.

While we both work with different modalities of healing, we both deeply connect over how important it is for all of us to connect with our innermost wisdom.


November 10th - 20th, 2019
India // delhi • Rishikesh • Haridwar

We’ll be leading an intimate group to India from November 10th - November 20th, 2019. Alongside Fleur + myself, will be our guide Kapil, a native to the area who’s known Fleur since 2013. We’ll be offering days of meditation, yoga, spiritual studies in mantras and intuition. The Ganges River will be our guide, as we flow through two different towns from Delhi. Not only will we be focusing on our own spiritual expansion, we will also be setting aside some time to visit a children’s orphanage in the area to connect within the community.

For more details on a sample itinerary, please find it here. For more information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me here. We’d be more than happy to schedule a personal call to connect with you directly!