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I love reading. I love getting women together in community. I love wine. I love good company.
All these things together make a damn good book club.

“burnout: the secret to unlocking the stress cycle”

by: emily + Amelia nagoski

december 8, 2019

This book materialized into my life at the perfect time. (Don’t know how/when/where, but definitely know why.) It was the perfect companion when I was endlessly crying and wondering whether I was broken forever or whether I’d be able to get out of bed again.

After healing from my adrenal fatigue + severe burnout, I continued to see so many clients who were women dealing with the exact same thing. but we’re not talking about it!!

So, let’s get together and talk about it. if you’re interested in connecting and committing to reading this book (one sentence, the entire book, or even one page) by December - please let me know by filling out this survey.

We’ve firmly set the date for 12/8/2019, from 1-3PM at The Assembly, so please RSVP through the survey and begin ordering your books!


previous book clubs

january 2019
in collaboration with molli sullivan

Earlier this year, Michelle Obama released her radically transparent and accessible memoir, “Becoming.”

What started as an excuse to get together with a bunch of girlfriends over some wine and bites became a force to bring women together from everywhere to celebrate this incredible human.

20 women came, drank some wine, and shared the truths of their own stories as women and it was beautiful.

upcoming book recommendations?

If you have any books that have changed your life and you want to share them over some wine/cheese and with some girlfriends,
please don’t hesitate to connect with me here. Let’s get it going!